Trademark Use Policy

Since 2001 when grsecurity was first released, we have worked very hard to build a reputation for pushing the envelope in security defenses. Our trademarks are a reflection of a desire to protect that legacy and signify to others what is approved, supported, and audited by the original authors. While grsecurity itself is released under version 2 of the GNU GPL, this does not confer any rights to the use of the grsecurity trademark.

Authorized Users

Only Authorized Users are allowed to use the trademark "grsecurity" to accurately describe Compliant products or services. Authorized Users are those who agree to limit their usage of the trademark "grsecurity" so that such use is within the guidelines of grsecurity's Trademark Use Policy. This policy may change as necessary. Authorized Users must agree to the most current policy to maintain their authorization. Compliant products or services are those evaluated by Open Source Security Inc. and approved to use the trademark as detailed below. Such approvals are routinely given provided the version of grsecurity used is reasonably current and there are not other issues with the product which degrade the security provided by grsecurity.

Policy for Permitted Usage for Authorized Users

Unless used as the first word of a sentence, "grsecurity" should be entirely lowercased. "GRsecurity", "GRSecurity", or "GrSecurity" are not and have never been approved uses of the name.

When our trademark is used to refer to our work, the ® symbol should follow it for at least one of the uses on each page of content where it is found. The following notice should also appear on such pages: "grsecurity® is a registered trademark of Open Source Security, Inc."

The associated kernel version must immediately follow the most significant use of "grsecurity" and such use must be no larger than other similarly credited packages. Use of "grsecurity" must be in text. Italics or underlining may be used to highlight "grsecurity" although the point size and font must be the same as the surrounding text. All use must be truthful.

One may use "grsecurity® enabled" or "grsecurity® certified" if preferred.

All ports or modifications of grsecurity, substantial reductions in its full featureset, or use of old, unsupported versions should carry a conspicuous notice that the work is unofficial and unsupported by the grsecurity authors.

Non-Permitted Usage

All uses by non-Authorized Users is forbidden.

Without express written approval from Open Source Security, Inc., our trademarks may not be used in marketing materials for related products or services.

Use of the grsecurity "phenol-circuit" logo or the grsecurity stylized text is not permitted in any situation.

Any use of the grsecurity trademark which causes confusion or gives the impression that the inclusion or adaptation of our software is associated with or endorsed by Open Source Security, Inc. or the grsecurity authors is not permitted. Adherence to the Policy for Permitted Usage should eliminate any possible confusion.

More Information

For questions about this trademark policy or to enquire about Compliance testing, please contact