[grsec] GRKERNSEC_BRUTE and ret2libc

Pavel Labushev p.labushev at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 23:00:51 EDT 2009

Brad Spengler wrote:

> Of course, if everything you (and the users of your machine) execute 
> within the context of forking daemons is bug-free, you can of course add 
> SIGSEGV to the list if you wish, or use RES_CRASH from the RBAC system.

Thank you for clarification. And for the quality of code, btw. It's very
interesting read. And the more I read it, the more I wonder why OpenBSD
guys didn't implement something like this or that... "We want to keep
things simple" doesn't work here because, for example, GRKERNSEC_BRUTE
is very simple yet very effective. Too bad OpenBSD users doesn't get
informed about the sutuation and often blindly believe in that KISS

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