[grsec] grsecurity 2.0.3-2.6.9 test release

Brad Spengler spender at grsecurity.net
Mon Dec 20 22:16:30 EST 2004

I've placed a grsecurity 2.0.3 patch for Linux 2.6.9 at:
New patches will be uploaded if problems are reported with the current 
patch.  New patches will have the date and time represented in the 
filename so it is easier to tell when a new patch is available.

If you've been reading changelogs recently or watching in #grsecurity on 
irc.oftc.net, you've noticed I have been pretty busy working on 
grsecurity 2.0.3.  Among these changes in the upcoming 2.0.3 are:

* New configuration file for full learning: /etc/grsec/learn_config
From the documentation provided in the file:

#This configuration file aids the learning process by tweaking
#the learning algorithm for specific paths.
#It accepts lines in the form of <command> <pathname>
#Where <command> can be inherit-learn, no-learn, or inherit-no-learn.
#inherit-learn changes the learning process for the specified path
#by throwing all learned accesses for every binary executed by the
#processes contained in the pathname into the subject specified
#by the pathname.  This is useful for cron in the case of full
#system learning, so that scripts that eventually end up executing
#mv or rm with privilege don't cause the root policy to grant
#that privilege to mv or rm in all cases.
#no-learn allows processes within the path to perform any operation
#that normal system usage would allow without restriction.  If
#a process is generating a huge number of learning logs, it may be
#best to use this command on that process and configure its policy
#inherit-no-learn combines the above two cases, such that processes
#within the specified path will be able to perform any normal system
#operation without restriction as will any binaries executed by
#these processes.

I hope for the default learn_config to be applicable for any system so 
that full learning can be used without any configuration.  With this in 
mind, if you have any applications that perform in similar ways to cron 
scripts (executing lots of normal apps with privilege), let me know 
about them, so they can be added to the configuration.

* Learning heuristics have been optimized to better detect temporary 
  file usage and reduce appropriately.
* Learning heuristics have been modified to weight against reducing
  certain additional important directories.
* User/group ID transitions have been added to the learning system.
  Any subject transitioning to less than 3 different users or 3 
  different groups that has CAP_SETUID or CAP_SETGID will have ID
  transitions added.  This is useful to automatically secure 
  applications that only transition to one or few users/groups like
* /proc/<pid>/* accesses are automatically rewritten as /proc by grlearn 
  before being cached and written to disk
* The inherit-based learning usable through the learning configuration 
  file is usable through a regular policy as well simply by adding "i"
  instead of "l" to a subject for learning.
* Inheritance is preserved whenever possible across uid/gid changes when
  the role resulting from the uid/gid change is no different from that
  before the change.
* A complete ~95-99% efficient LFU-hash hybrid caching system has been 
  added that greatly reduces the number of full object lookups by 
  caching the result.  The cache essentially mimics the filesystem 
  around where applications are operating: nearly equivalent to having 
  an object for every file and directory on the system, but without the 
  wasted memory.  The cache is invalidated on creates and deletes that 
  cause a change in policy (through policy re-creation) and on renames
  of directories or symlinks.
* Memory usage for non-full learning has been significantly reduced and 
  all memory leaks have been plugged.
* Interactive performance of full-learning has improved by ~15% by 
  reducing the number of context switches caused by grlearn doing small 
  disk writes by using a write buffer (writing more once instead of 
  less 1000 times) and keeping track of log entry lengths for quicker 
  string matching.  A signal handler was added to grlearn so that when
  learning is stopped, the write buffer is flushed to disk.
* Kernel headers are no longer used for gradm
* Bugfixes for things mentioned on the list, etc

If you're going to use the 2.6.9 patch and want to use the RBAC system, 
you'll have to grab gradm2 from CVS.  If you don't want to use 2.6 but 
still want to try out the new features of 2.0.3, grab grsecurity2 from 

Happy holidays

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