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Commercial Support

Commercial users of grsecurity are encouraged to purchase a yearly support contract through Open Source Security, Inc. Open Source Security, Inc is a Pennsylvania S Corporation that handles all donations, sponsorship, and business contracts related to grsecurity. Official commercial support provides your business direct access to grsecurity developers, ensuring a swift response to any issues encountered during deployment of grsecurity kernels. Our team of world-class experts in Linux security offer support and development with flexible pricing tailored to your organization's needs. Among the services we can provide:

  • Detailed analysis of silently-fixed upstream Linux kernel vulnerabilities and how grsecurity affects their exploitation
  • RBAC policy development and auditing
  • Maintenance of grsecurity against specific kernels
  • Maintenance of grsecurity against 3rd-party patched kernels
  • Contractually-developed custom features
  • Grsecurity configuration and usage auditing
  • General system hardening

All commercial support contracts come with access to our stable patch series, unavailable to the general public.

Please note that due to high demand and the nature of services we provide for our open source software, we are unlikely to accept projects that require unnecessarily long/boilerplate contracts.

To inquire about a yearly support contract or for pricing on any of our services, please reach us via e-mail at contact@grsecurity.net phone at +1 949-424-7732.