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Sponsorship is a critical source of stable funding for grsecurity that has allowed our work to continue over the past 14 years. We welcome sponsorship from commercial users of grsecurity who both seek support and want to demonstrate to the public their serious attention to security. Our relationship with sponsors helps ensure they're making most effective use of grsecurity.

Sponsors receive personal support, audits of RBAC policies and kernel configurations, timely and reliable information about important Linux vulnerabilities and how grsecurity impacts their exploitation, the ability to request features tailored to their organization, and presence on the website recognizing their support of advanced security research and proactive defense for Linux. Pricing begins at 200 USD/mo submitted via PayPal, Dwolla, or check. Sponsorship is handled through Open Source Security, Inc., an S Corporation founded in Virginia in 2008. The process is thus seamless for your company as there are no W-9 or 1099-MISC requirements. To become a sponsor of grsecurity, email Brad Spengler at spender@grsecurity.net.

Note to Users

We work directly with the sponsors listed below and have reviewed their use of grsecurity. If your webhosting provider advertises grsecurity support but is not listed below, encourage them to sponsor.

Our Sponsors

Prometheus Global
Endurance International Group
CWIE, Inc.
Site5 LLC
Kattare Internet Services
NBS System