[grsec] grsec for vmsplice-bug-fixed Linux 2.6?

Cyril Chaboisseau cyril.chaboisseau at free.fr
Wed Feb 13 19:47:25 EST 2008

 On February 13 at 16:30, Brad Spengler wrote:
> I've uploaded a test patch to the server for

the CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR has to be set, otherwise the following
error occurs :

  CC      kernel/sched.o
kernel/sched.c: In function ‘context_switch’:
kernel/sched.c:1968: error: ‘struct task_struct’ has no member named ‘stack_canary’
kernel/sched.c:1968: error: ‘struct x8664_pda’ has no member named ‘stack_canary’

thanks for the patch

	Cyril Chaboisseau

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