[grsec] grsecurity 2.1.8 released for 2.4.32/

Brad Spengler spender at grsecurity.net
Sun Jan 15 13:35:47 EST 2006

grsecurity 2.1.8 has been released for the 2.4.32 and versions 
of the Linux kernel. Changes in this release include:

    * Revised PaX flag support in the RBAC system that offers complete 
      control of PaX settings on a per-subject basis
    * Interface and virtual interface support for network policies in 
      the RBAC system
    * Additional gradm analysis
    * Better handling of syntax errors in RBAC configuration
    * Better error reporting for RBAC users who forget to add 
      role_transitions to roles wanting to transition to a special role
    * New option that allows the ability to load or unload modules to be 
      disabled at runtime via sysctl
    * Fixed a serious RBAC bug reported by Julien Tinnes where starting 
      services from an admin role, then exiting the shell, would 
      result in the admin role still existing on the restarted service.
    * PaX updates

Since the security bug reported by Julien Tinnes is very important to 
RBAC users, all RBAC users are strongly urged to upgrade.


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