[grsec] grsecurity-2.1.8-

Dinko Korunic kreator at srce.hr
Wed Jan 11 10:23:11 EST 2006

On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 04:17:20PM +0100, pageexec at freemail.hu wrote:
> > Well, you use user_mode_vm() macro on 9 different places in
> > grsecurity-2.1.8- ;-)
> but only one of them touches a non-i386 file, as far as i can see.

Uhm, judging from the source it seems there is one additional at
oprofile_add_sample() in drivers/oprofile/cpu_buffer.c which is common to
all architectures.

> what compile error did you get exactly on alpha?

The error was on kernel/profile.c, as you've correctly presumed.

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