[grsec] Nvidia libGL.so Problem

sqmishra at o2.ie sqmishra at o2.ie
Mon Sep 6 16:43:59 EDT 2004

Done. As mentioned, files relating to my problem ought to be available at http://muffin.tsnz.net/sqmishra some time in the near future.
Or directly via ssh from the account I used (details below).

Hi Tim,
Thanks very much for your help.

On Tuesday 07 September 2004 00:22, you wrote:
| I've created an account for you on my box, muppetz.com
| ssh muppetz.com
| user: sqmishra
| pass: GrSec2
| You'll be able to scp/sftp the files to it (please zip them first)
| I'll then move them to http://muffin.tsnz.net/sqmishra for others to 
| download.
| Cheers,
| Tim

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