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Donation Methods

If grsecurity has been useful to you, consider making a donation to support its further development.

For users donating with a credit card, PayPal is the only supported method.
For US users, Dwolla is the preferred method as donations incur no fees.
Both PayPal and Bitcoin can be used for donations from international users.

If you'd like to contribute on an ongoing basis, recurring donations are possible with both the Paypal and Dwolla buttons on the right.

Paypal Donations

Andrew Lattis
Ralf Hildebrandt

Martin Bene
Nils Ohlmeier

Fenwick McKelvey
Jeff Espinoza

WinRus Team
Nathan Dial

Robert Seyfriedsberger
Mike Just

Lukas Schroeder
Deirdre Dreslough

Mario Van Velzen
Peter Vargo

Jeurgen Pabel
Yves Pelletier

Richard Harman (oftc.net warewolf)
Roeland Mertens

Katherine Hillmer
Ron Ellis


Brant Williams
Gordon Malm

Blake Self
Jochen Bartl

Tim Brown

Angry Engineers Entertainment

Guangzhou TYA Infotech Ltd

Amazon Wishlist Donations

Adam Mondl

Jorn Ekkelenkamp

Michael Bischof


Akos Szalkai

John Logsdon

Nick Nelson

Richard Harman (oftc.net warewolf)

the eris free lobby for grsec harddrive support

Nomen Nescio

Hardware Donations

PullThePlug Dot Com  -  SUN UltraSPARC IIi 440mhz 256MB server
Michael Shinn  -  PA-RISC 715/64 32MB workstation, 533Mhz 256MB Alpha workstation, AUI -> ethernet adaptor
Anonymous  -  Sparcstation 5 110mhz 64MB, 200Mhz 604e 64MB PowerMac
Gavin Henry  -  15pin male MAC -> HD15 PC female VGA adaptor
Thomas Knop  -  Null modem 25pin male -> 9pin female
Team enZo  -  Sun Netra T1
CWIE, Inc.  -  AMD64 x2 Workstation

Other Donations

CatchyDomains.com  -  grsecurity.com domain transfer
Anonymous  -  3 year domain renewal
Anonymous  -  9 year domain renewal
The Pieholes  -  Dedicated Song [explicit lyric]
Lance Spitzner  -  Making honeypot technologies obsolete